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Remote & Tactical EMS


The combination of our Remote and Expeditionary medical curriculum with Tactical Emergency Medicine (TEMs) offers a very unique learning opportunity to our participants.  These classes are ideal for private military contractors, governmental employees and military operators.  A combination of TEMs with remote medical skills produces a provider that is capable of serving a dual role both as a health provider and assault/security element.  Experienced health care providers will be able to competently serve with a tactical weapons team and experienced shooters will be able to serve their team as an advanced medical provider.

Often, a small unit team does not have the luxury of being able to have a dedicated health care provider.  This specialized series of classes are designed with that problem in mind.  Upon completion of this series, a provider will be capable of serving as a “team doc” in a wide range of operations.  Serving their team’s needs as a tactical medical provider as well as a primary health care provider, a dual role is fulfilled.  Attendees will be comfortable with providing medical care in several arenas including acute trauma management, general medical care of their team and public health provision to other groups including indigenous locals or non-combatants.  Medical skills and knowledge are combined with combat skills such as patient extrication under fire, small unit movement tactics and patient care under fire.  Firearm skills and safety are stressed and drilled just as airway management, hemorrhage control and basic

diagnosis/management of common illnesses.  Upon completion of these modules a provider will be able to competently serve with a small unit assault force, act as an urgent care provider and village public health director.


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