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Corporate Needs


Adventure Doc specializes in custom designed programs tailored to your group’s needs, timetable and budget. Consultations we routinely provide include:



Establishment of medical protocols including treatment guidelines


Our physicians work with the specific needs of your patients, commonly encountered problems, medical equipment and country-specific existing guidelines to establish pre-set protocols that facilitate the best care for your patients. Our protocols are also designed to be easy to follow and take into consideration “real world” conditions.



Case specific medical consultation for treatment and specialist involvement


Travelers and individuals requiring medical care internationally necessitate expert medical consultation. Adventure Doc provides this service and makes use of a wide variety of medical specialties including remote generalists, traumatologists, infectious disease experts, cardiologists and emergency medicine physicians. In addition to our medical expertise, we offer an extensive network of international medical professionals.  



Medical Repatriation of injured, ill and displaced persons

The transportation of injured or sick individuals back to their country of origin or the closest definitive medical care is an increasingly common issue facing both companies and travelers. Through our unique knowledge in aero-medical transportation, world-wide contacts and experience, we are able to assist with all types of cas-evacs.



Design and implementation of staff medical education programs

Education and keeping current with updates of medical standards is an on-going problem for employers and staff alike. Adventure Doc frequently provides seminars and educational lectures relevant to the needs of the medical providers. These lectures are based on suitable literature review and current information from a variety of sources tailored to the individual needs of the participants.



Establishment of remote site medical facilities ranging from aid stations to field hospitals

Adventure Doc staff have literally written the article on selection, design and implementation of remote field hospitals. After examining the needs of the client and the patients, we are able to help select, design and implement the required medical facility, in any location around the globe and for any patient population.


On-site laboratory services

From establishment of basic CLIA waived lab services to advanced diagnostics including staff education, Adventure Doc can establish a lab in any location to serve the needs of the patients it will be treating.


Staffing of remote medical sites with expert remote site providers

Adventure Doc draws on a pool of expertly educated and experienced physicians, physician assistants, nurses and paramedics to staff remote sites around the globe. Our health care providers have all benefitted from advance training to offer the highest level of care possible in remote and austere locations.


Casualty evacuation protocols in both preplanning and implementation stages

The establishment of a casualty evacuation protocol takes into consideration many factors. Adventure Doc clinic is capable of assisting in any phase of a casualty evacuation, whether it be a pre-plan or an already existing evolution.


Design of medical kits and equipment for both field teams and treatment facilities

Medical kit design is a multi-factorial exercise. We look at budget needs, patient needs, potential health threats faced and the skills of the medical providers among other factors. Our expert staff are able to design and procure a medical kit that is suitable for your needs, no matter the location and number of patients needing to be served.


Tele-medicine capabilities, consultations and associated equipment

Through our LINC (Location Independet day/Night Contact) service we have extensive experience in telemedicine. Adventure Doc is able to provide any and all necessary equipment for tele-medicine consultation including satellite phones, webcams, direct patient monitoring and appropriate physician consultation required.  This service is available worldwide and 24/7.


Public Health surveillance system establishment

Our physicians and providers benefit from public health training in disease surveillance as well as epidemiology. Adventure Doc is able to assist with establishment of disease or injury associated surveillance as well as establishment of initial treatment programs. 


Establishment of primary care outpatient clinic services

Primary care training is a cornerstone of Adventure Doc provider training. The provision of primary care to indigenous as well as ex-pat personnel in remote and expeditionary environments is one of our strong points. From disease diagnosis and treatment to patient education we are able to serve all the primary care needs of a community.


Community health education

Disease prevention and education are vital components in primary care as well as disease treatment and injury. Adventure Doc providers are especially selected not only for their medical skills but their ability to teach, educate and empower indigenous people along with ex-patriots in their medical care.   


Community based participatory research on health care needs

Recognizing that any worthwhile public health interventions are directed to the community it will eventually serve, Adventure Doc makes use of advanced surveillance methods as well as community input on their specific needs. The addition of local attitudes, disease perception and ability to change are also considered.   From this data we are able to select appropriate interventions that are both effective to budget and populations.


Endemic disease surveillance and treatment

Monitoring of NTD (neglected tropical disease), local outbreaks and endemic disease are a vital component in public health care. Application of epidemiology combined with local knowledge and advanced treatment techniques allow for premier patient care in resource poor areas.


Outbreak associated disease surveillance and treatment

The outbreak of disease is often complex and multifactorial event. Adventure Doc applies advanced disease surveillance and expert knowledge to this problem. Through our expertise in emergency and public health medicine, we are able to accurately advise and participate in management of disease outbreaks.


Structural based analysis of existing medical facilities

Adventure Doc benefits from expert resources outside the field of direct patient care, including architectural expertise. Our staff includes health care architects who are able to asses, re-design and implement programs to not only revive existing medical facilities but make them thrive.