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Adventure Doc offers a multitude of educational modules, videos and classes.  From educational modules on remote and expeditionary medicine to a travel health video series, Adventure Doc specializes in the health care of those in adventurous and remote locations.


Classes and Seminars

Adventure Doc also offer classroom and “hands-on” education for health care providers.  Whether you are an experienced physician, EMS provider or tactical operator, we can improve the level of care you provide.  Our classes are designed based on your prior level of medical training and activities/area of operation.  From providing a basic level of medical care for those traveling or working in austere environments to improving the expeditionary and remote medical skills of experienced physicians, we have classes for everyone looking to keep others healthy on their adventures.

We also offer combination classes of Remote & Tactical EMS

Travel Health Video Series: Adventure Doc Talks

Our video series Adventure Doc Talks is geared to adventure travelers and the unique risks they face.  This is shot on-location, all around the world and examines the special pit-falls of each location and activity.  Part travel documentary and part first aid class, Adventure Doc Talks heads to a new location each episode and walks travelers through the unique potential problems of that area and most importantly, how to stay healthy.


Adventure Doc features several other websites geared towards travel and expedition medicine knowledge. Our blog at and our page at are sites where we feature information about travel, expedition and remote medical healthcare.